ja design and photo: Blog https://www.jadesignandphoto.com/blog en-us ja design and photo, llc (ja design and photo) Mon, 13 Mar 2023 10:59:00 GMT Mon, 13 Mar 2023 10:59:00 GMT https://www.jadesignandphoto.com/img/s/v-12/u343063173-o1050096977-50.jpg ja design and photo: Blog https://www.jadesignandphoto.com/blog 120 90 When do I book my Senior photo session? https://www.jadesignandphoto.com/blog/2023/3/when-do-i-book-my-senior-photo-session With all of the craziness of the Senior year and expenses, ideally the best time is your Junior year believe it or not. Many of my Seniors like to take advantage of my Split-Session add-on, which allows two appointments(1 Full + a discounted mini). This is a great option if you want 2 distanced locations like Avon or Cleveland and say Chagrin Falls, 2 looks(hair style/color, etc.), 2 seasons or even a more intensive creative session like smoke bombs, automobiles, etc.

Also, it gives you time to plan way in advance and more time to uniquely stylize your session and experience. If you’re deposit is paid or session in full prior, when the costs of Senior Gowns, banquets, clothes, events, etc. start piling up you’ll be ahead of the crowd! Not to mention you’ll feel like you have accomplished more Senior tasks. If you are in your Senior year and have not booked yet, do not fret, I’ll try to get your booking in. For Senior Portrait Samples, Click Here. Congrats!

Photographed Below: Senior JP Mogyordy, Westlake High School, Westlake, Ohio (Split Session)



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Congrats Senior K. Palka https://www.jadesignandphoto.com/blog/2023/3/congrats-senior-k-palka


Had a fun Senior Session last early fall with this beautiful young lady from North Olmsted High School. As a Cleveland and surrounding area photographer, I get to shoot many different students from many locations. Let's just say this one was a brave soul that is full of joy as she entered the cold waters of Lake Erie!


If you are looking for Senior Photos, I offer add-ons as well, such as Senior Split sessions for only $99 which is a very discounted mini, smoke bombs +$25 and more!


I may begin to offer Senior minis for those with smaller budgets...stay tuned and follow my TikTok and Instagram @jadesignandphoto




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