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Congrats! I am so happy for you and your family! I am a mother of 3 and have been included in many different births from Hospital to Home. Here’s some details and Q/A information you may be wanting to know. Feel free to contact me to discuss further: 216.965.2692 or email.

To see more what Birth Photography looks like go to my Portfolio>Fresh48 & Birth Photography and check out some examples.



Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Allowing me to take on the documenting of your birth allows you to do what you need to focus on and that is the beautiful, emotional and exciting moments of your Childs Birth with your partner and family. From the glances, touches, rocking through, laughs joy and even fears, I capture it all professionally and discreetly. Many women look back and may forget or feel dreamy of the experience and it is amazing to have that frozen in time in photographs. My goal is to not just do the job but be a part of the positive and encouraging support system much needed along the journey from labor to delivery of your sweet babe in a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

I believe firmly that women are so capable and ready to re-produce because of the joys they experience, but the pain is what truly empowers you to become great in motherhood. I capture it all from a documentary point of view so that you can relive the miracle over and over again. The whole story and back to the beginning with baby’s firsts.

Capturing these moments that many have forgotten are important in reminding a mother how truly amazing and strong they are, and I am honored to do that for you. You’re family/partner is off the hook to experience it all!

Do we meet Before Birth?

I would love to meet. It can be virtual or in person. It is important that the energy in your birth room is peaceful and comfortable and I definitely want to make sure that you are when you labor and deliver. I want to know your Birth Plan if you have one ready and gather your doula/midwife information as well. Also, if a home birth it is nice to see the space and light as I do not use flash generally. It is nice to meet so I become a familiar face and spirit the day of.

When will you arrive?

I like to arrive around 5-6cm dilated or “active labor” if possible. Please call me as soon as a confirmation of birth begins, so that I may make arrangements to arrive. As I am on call around your due date I will have a bag with my equipment ready at a moments notice. I will be there until 1-2 hours post-birth to capture all of babies firsts from feeding/changing to measurements. When mom’s cues let me know she needs to be done and exhaustion is beginning, I will communicate it’s time for her to have her own space and leave. I want to respect your space at all times. I like to stay within 40 minutes of North Olmsted.

What will you photograph & how long until I receive my digital proofs?

I start with all details of the environment if time allows (if no, I will after). I try to communicate with your birth staff to give you the space you need. I document by being there and capturing from out of the way, to be there quietly and comfortably there without hindering the overall experience and energy of the room. I will capture in between family/friends that are gathered if possible but still focusing on the birth as the priority. After, I will capture details of the baby and their first experiences. If placenta or anything specific would like to be documented I will also capture that at that time. (1-2hours after birth experiences). Proofs are back in 4-6 weeks.

What about C-sections?

Whether planned or unplanned, Most facilities do not allow more than 1 support person. I encourage you to advocate to your provider so that I may photograph your birth unless you also change your mind about having an additional person. Worse case, my camera will be handed to support person on AUTO and I will edit the birth after. I will still capture all of the documentary images and pre/post delivery of family and friends and baby. FLASH IS NOT USED in birth.

Use of Flash.

I do not use flash unless necessary. Natural light is the best and most comforting. This may introduce natural textures and contrast. If lighting is challenging or if the emotion of the photos feel right Black and White edits are made. Any questions and preferences you have I would be happy to speak about. Let’s chat!


I use a professional online digital gallery that is password protected for your privacy. I use PG images for marketing if the client is comfortable with that. I will discuss your comfort level during our meet and greet. Birth is such a vulnerable time and I want to be respectful of you and your partners feelings. Thank you for trusting me to do so.