How long does it take to proof galleries?

Generally, about 4-6 weeks, though I try to get out sooner depending on business of my schedule. (Weddings 6-8 weeks)

You initially will receive a link for proofing, you should have your images chosen as soon as possible (before 14 days), excessive time taken to proof will put your gallery behind newer ones if so. Once you have shared your favorites, any additional retouching is done and a new Downloadable gallery link is sent to your email. **Most galleries you will be given an option to purchase entire gallery for only $100!


How do I prep my kids for the session?

As a rule, I say Mom's (or Parent) emotions run the show! That means, Mommy, (or Parent) make sure your not over anxious, it'll be great and fun! Children will follow your emotional cues, so stay calm and make sure everyone has something in their belly the day of. Be sure to lay out ironed clothes the day before and do not have them put dresses and dress shirts on until right before your session starts, especially if they are young. Talk about the photographer and what will happen as they are photographed in advance so they are calm and have the structure to give them confidence.

Don't forget to bring a comb and chapstick. If they are little, you may want to bring a favorite toy. If you have a child with special needs, PLEASE let me know ahead of time and what they require or if there are triggers I should know.


What Should I Wear to My Session?

clothing rack with white backgroundsclothing rack



3-4 options. As a suggestion, I always say: #1 Casual "this is me cleaned up" #2 Trendy #3 Semi to Formal #4 Wild Card Outfit

#4 can be a sport themed photo, smoke bomb photo, college apparel shot, creative shot, something dramatic or as unique as your Senior. 

Feel free to change styles up based on your location(s) you choose. Check out more: Senior Welcome Ebook



1-2 options. For my Full Sessions, I offer a client closet with many different dresses in different sizes. (deodorant must be clear) Bring a second option that is more simpler, whether it's a stretch layered dress/skirt, jeans and cami, or whatever you style-wise makes you feel beautiful!



1-2 options. I always recommend staying away from matchy matchy outfits. Instead, choose a color scheme palette and compliment instead. Stay away from overly eccentric patterns, after all, it's about you not the clothes. Your outfit should fit well. Usually, if mom is booking I say start with what makes you feel and look your best and add on to that. Keep solids in and pay attention to the kids socks and shoes! (If you are stumped try searching on Pinterest for family photo session clothing ideas)

FOR EXTENDED FAMILIES: It's the same. I suggest making color swatches in the color families and sending them to each family being photographed.



1-2 options. Go Romantic! Whether it's a sweater off of the shoulder, dramatic flow dress/skirt or themed, keep it small print or solids and romantic. A ruffle or two never hurt anyone. If you are choosing a beach location, maybe you don't need shoes and focus more on clothing with movement for the Lake effect winds to catch. Proposals in white are always classic but don't be afraid to pop some color in too.


  • Headshots:

1-2 options. Depending on if these are for Corporate shots at work for the company or an entrepreneurial need, can be different. You may want to wear a fresh pressed power suit in one and an inviting blouse in another shot. If say you are say a small business that is an artist, maybe bring your painted apron or chef coat for a second option.


**If you are in need of assistance just give me a call at: 216.965.2692 once you have booked your session.